Trilingual days

There’s a word ‘bilingual’ so why not ‘trilingual’? I am using Lithuanian, English and Japanese daily and it was a bit hard to cope at first but now I’m used to it and can switch between them easily. Lithuanian and English was a norm but thanks to a Japanese friend on twitter I have been using Japanese daily and sometimes it requires more knowledge than I have. I also thought I can’t always express myself the way I want in Japanese. I don’t know if it’s lack of language skills or just not possible. In the end I write something else than I originally wanted.

Also, my conversations with Japanese people are often different from conversations with Western friends. I don’t use some words, slang in Japanese conversations. I always try to be polite. This friend is always polite  with me and so I try to keep the same level. So it doesn’t feel like we are getting close as friends, to me as a Westerner it feels unusual.

There are things to learn in culture as well. We were talking about who we are living with and I said I live with dad and he seemed surprised to hear that I live with dad and not with mom. I don’t know anything about situation in Japan when child lives with one of parents. So I’m curious, why the reaction?

In the end, the post drifted away from my topic but that’s how it happens to me. Not really about language learning, which is going good, btw, but also important. It shows me direction of what I need to learn when I see where I lack.


4 thoughts on “Trilingual days

  1. I think it is because it is more common to for the child to live with their mother when the parents separate. Most time, the custody is giving almost automatically to the mother.

    Trilingual exists according to the Webster-Merriam online. But, multilingual has a majestic feeling 🙂

  2. I am slowly working on incorporating Japanese into my daily life too as it seems to catapult my learning progress. Wish you all the best success in your language learning journey 🙂

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