Titles are difficult

I didn’t post lately since there wasn’t much to say. Last week I was too tired or not in mood to study a lot.

One evening I was listening to a Japanese podcast with two hosts: a man and a woman. The man kept talking all the time while the woman would occasionally add few words but mostly she did was humming. To me it looks weird but this seems fine in Japanese with humming for approval or show other emotion. What else, man sounded like he was talking further away, somewhere in the background while woman’s voice sounded like it was right here, spoken directly to microphone. So sometimes when he talked and she started humming at the same time I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at this podcast. Even I could say that much in conversation. (ok, enuf learning, I got the skills)

Speaking of podcasts I found a gold mine of links. Sadly, some intriguing podcast links were dead. It wasn’t updated since 2011. /sob

I don’t have any new music to listen and I need some music when I take a 2hr bus ride. Because of that I can listen to more podcasts instead. I also found two new German songs I like, that should be some joy for a while but two songs are not enough.

Also, met with Roksana, Seoulpanda. We were ready to walk around entire city and almost did. It has been a while since I was hanging out with someone and it was fun.


2 thoughts on “Titles are difficult

  1. If by ‘humming’, you meant stuff like “hmm…..” maybe that is what you would call ‘aizuchi’, and as you said it serves the purpose of approval, or to show one is listening.

  2. It was fun for me too 😃 Walking around Vilnius was very fun. Thanks for letting me come with you to Japanese embassy😃 I had great time that day 😊😊

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