Some updates


Haven’t touched Integrated Approach book for a while again. The topics there aren’t interesting at the moment. I’m focusing on learning words I could use in every day. Seems like So-Matome series is good for that. I noticed I learnt new kanji and vocabulary, thanks to seeing them daily.

As for grammar points, these were easy:

  • (か)と思うと;(か)と思ったら
  • っぱい
  • ものなら
  • ものだから
  • もの
  • ものの

Not so good with these:

  • がち
  • 気味
  • 際(に)
  • に際して;にあたって
  • たとたん(に)
  • ~か~ないかのうちに

I’ll get them eventually.



Just the right time to open chapter 고향 hometown, when I’m in my own 고향. Almost all words were new for me.


I opened DW course and while checking grammar I realized I don’t understand Derivation so I spent morning learning it and still can’t say I understand. I think it’s one of the things you can’t understand but have to memorize. I feel like back in school.



Efter means after and nästa – next? Now this is a language to learn.

Sometimes I can guess unknown word meanings because of their similarity to English.

But then I look at grammar, grammar in any language, actually, and don’t understand anything.


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