I’m not updating as often as I could

Every day I promised to myself to type something but in the end of the day I would feel too tired and promise to do it next day. Now it’s noon and I don’t have sny excuses to not do it.

I’m glad the heat is over and I can focus on studying. Right now I’m studying every day and I’m falling in love with Swedish more and more. It just happened while listening to a Swedish song. I can say I focus more on languages I like more: Japanese, Chinese, German and now Swedish. If I can’t make myself do my best unless I like something a lot then I’m waiting for this spark with the rest of the languages.

My current struggles are:

  • Swedish pronunciation
  • Korean and French writing from memory
  • also Finnish writing
  • my problem with Japanese is that I want to know more and more, but it happens too slow for my liking

4 thoughts on “I’m not updating as often as I could

  1. I know that feeling 😦 May I ask, what is happening with Japanese that you’re finding slow?

    1. It’s just me being impatient. I sometimes get the ‘I want to be fluent NOW’ feeling.

  2. Same sentiments with the Japanese thing.. kinda discouraging too if you ask me. 😦

    1. Yes, it is 😦 But then you remember why you started in the first place and it gets easier.

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