Summertime laziness

The most studying I did lately was listening to music in some of my languages. Does that count? I added my first French song to playlist. A big step indeed.

The mentioned song is performed by Cécile Corbel, who and Sarah Brightman, are kind of Goddesses. They both have beautiful voices and sing in few languages – a polyglot’s dream! I discovered Cécile when I heard Arriety’s song from a Ghibli movie I haven’t seen. I heard it in both Japanese and English and liked them so now I have two same songs, but why not if they are in different languages. And now I found there’s a French version~ Cécile is also a redhead like me and her birthday is one day before mine – do I need more reasons to like her?

Reading books takes most of my time, besides other hobbies, or random inspirations to draw something, so I usually follow my mood.

I saw this picture shared on twitter and it made me smile. Japanese humour?



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