Alive, just busy

I started internship this month and I’m working a full work day which means my free time has extremelly reduced. Hello adult life.

Yesterday was the most language studying I did since I don’t know when, but I’m settling in the new life and trying to find the time for languages as well. Before moving on to my new idea here’s pictures from one of the toilet in my company. It’s an international company working mainly in English which explains it but no idea why there’s also instructions in Japanese. And yes, on my first day of work I checked that instructions work well..

20150908_101604 20150908_101610

Now my idea, the language project I came up with. I think I’ll call it The Nordic Languages’ Project during which I’ll immerse in new Nordic language for two weeks. I want to see how much can I learn and will I like it enough to continue to learn. Learning something completely new is always exciting, maybe that will wake me from hybernation because I miss studying my languages.

My first language is Icelandic and currently I’m looking for some music to put in my playlist that I could listen even when I work and hear the language. I’m going to make daily little posts to share my newest impressions on each language and it will be interesting to see the progress.


Rewrote a little paragraph from the news article. It has three paragraphs and, to save time, I will translate one a day. I signed up for online Icelandic course and did few tasks. Finally, watched first episode from the series of episodes on Viltu læra íslensku?, but skipped the tasks because it’s late and I’m too tired for the day.

My impressions so far: look at all the pretty new letters and completely different pronunciation  that often is way different from how I’d pronounce it. There are slight resembles in Swedish, however. Some words are similar, some are the same. While watching the episode that was in Icelandic with Icelandic titles I tried to guess what is being said and I’d say I understood half.

Until tomorrow.


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