A random Japanese post

Don’t look for answer, it will find you. (Lame, sorry)

I had been seeing なう used by Japanese on twitter all the time. I thought it sounds like ‘now’ but my dictionary didn’t give me any translation to it, and I never searched for answer until randomly scrolling down twitter dash I saw it. なう does mean now! So it’s a sleng word, I see.


It seems that ちう is also a sleng word…any ideas what does that mean?



6 thoughts on “A random Japanese post

  1. LOL! But if it’s slang, shouldn’t it be written in katakana though? I got curious by this…

    1. That Japanese teacher was also asked this and she answered that “typing in hiragana is easier than katakana and it’s cuter” ^^

  2. Though なう does derive from English “now”, I have seen it mostly used in the format “action or verb” + なう, to mean something that is being done now, or to describe the state of the poster.

    For example、デザートなう would mean “eating desert now”.

    For the さあ (which you have a typo as ちう in your email), that is an expression that is used often when suggesting something. For example, “さあ、行こう!” (“alright, let’s go!”). I wrote about さあ a few days ago on this post if you are interested:


    1. Thanks for telling me more about it. As for the other one, I didn’t make a typo. I had seen a friend of mine using it and I thought it was another of his Tokyo-ben, but in the context of sleng it was also mentioned so I became curious what does it mean 🙂

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