After two weeks

Ahem, I suck at frequent updates. Unless I had enough things to say every day. And so my two weeks of trying Icelandic has came to an end. I was planning to study as much as I can and as much as I will be in the mood and I did.

My work as intern is all about aviation and CRM(customer relationship management), so it’s refreshing to relax from it at home with the languages and books.

Among the things I learned, I discovered I would like to focus as much as possible on all Scandinavic languages. They aren’t popular, so on one side I like them more because of that, on the other, there’s a lack of study material. Memrise helped me learn some words/phrases and pronunciation at the same time, while I read more about it in the grammar book. But the book is full of special grammar terms and that reminds me of school/uni and the labour of learning so my brain refused to focus anymore. I only read the sample sentences and wrote some of them down. Reading and translating can take awfully long, especially at such early stages of language learning and, however interesting it seemed, I couldn’t do that. Neither watch language episodes that are 20+mins each. I prefered doing something quick and effective, like writing down sample sentences.

I succeeded in wanting sometimes to pick up any other of my languages. I wanted to miss them so that I could have my study motivation back. Mission accomplished. Also, decided that for my next languages in this project I will spend just one week instead of two.

My conclusion is that Icelandic is fairly similar to Swedish and it could be learnt, just like any other language, however hard and daring it appears.

Some other things I learnt:

  • pronunciation of ð and þ
  • komdu sæll

I discovered beautiful instrumental music by Olafur Arnalds

Solstafir and his songs with Icelandic feeling

Finally, a song that made me addicted to it. It´s weird, but at the same time I can´t get tired of it.


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