It’s been so long since I last posted. I went through worst mood some weeks ago. My internship ended and then I went on a trip to Austria for few days. I came back yesterday and heard about events in Paris. Horrible things happening here in Europe.

The trip helped me feel better and it taught me a lot. I was completely alone this time, but I never panicked even at hardest moments. For that I’m also grateful to nice and helpful people out there. I know what mistakes I made and how to do better next time. I was exposed to some Finnish because I had to spent the night in Helsinki and flew with Finnair, so I could hear the language, but I’m far from feeling comfortable. While in Austria, German-speaking coutry, I felt comfortable and had fun shopping in super markets along with locals. I even used some German to order in the bakery. That was fun.

Came back with more life experience and energy to learn while I have all this free time again.


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