I’m good at writing mental posts

…but not so good at writing them down as planned.

My language learning towards the end of year has stopped with few motivated days. The dark and gloomy time of the year effects my state as well. I couldn’t continue with my project of trying out other Nordic languages and decided to continue this in spring when I feel lively again.

These are old language updates but back while I still worked I would bring some audio lessons from Japanesepod and play them on repeat until I got tired of hearing the same thing. I downloaded the hell of their audio in one month. I’m happy with my listening skills because there were few words I couldn’t understand. When I finished internship and had loads of time again I started on working with the audio scripts and learning the new words/kanji.

Some German and Swedish lessons when I was in mood and…where did the rest of my languages go?

I give up on this year, it was more bad than good both personally and worldwide.

I picked up more languages in January but it’s January again soon and I won’t have much progress to show. Nevermind~ I won’t force myself because there are no deadlines, no exams – I am doing it for myself. Learning languages because it’s fun.

As long as I feel excited when I recognise a word or something, I know I can continue.

I miss Chinese classes and it’s sad that I forgot so much. I can barely read without looking at pinyin *sigh* And it feels weird handwriting in Japanese after a break.


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