Studying languages as part of therapy

For most of this month I was anxious and felt sick. It seems I have a bad case of anxiety and panic attacks. All my problems just piled up on me and I tried dragging them quietly by myself but failed. I have got some suggestions what to do and immersing myself in hobbies is one of them. That’s why I found the motivation to pick up my languages after a break.

Especially Spanish. I learnt a bunch of new words and phrases from memrise and copied down short story from Graded Spanish Readers, which I borrowed in the library (not available to take home). I translated unknown words too, and, nice to note that I understand a lot. I think I could learn Spanish quickly if I concentrate on it.

Less, but some work with French, Finnish, Swedish and Korean with Ewha 2-1 textbook.

Studying languages keeps my mind busy and makes me feel calm. I’m going to be back on track with studying now.


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