Grammar and Update

I own a few grammar books and they mostly lay around. Learning from them alone  - a method that didn't last. I'm sure by now I don't like grammar at all and find it hard to study. Every time I start reading grammar rules they pass through my eyes without staying on my mind. I … Continue reading Grammar and Update


Website to learn Spanish

This week I was cleaning my email mailbox. I keep it organised with only useful emails, but there are still some remaining that were sent by polyglot Benny with language resources. In one of them I found this website that offers free online Spanish courses - Instremia. It had three courses and I joined the … Continue reading Website to learn Spanish

Language tag

I saw a few tags on my reader (that were interesting to read) and I was also tagged to do it. Thanks, Kaito Monogatari for tagging. What would you consider your native language? Lithuanian. And it's also Independence Day in Lithuania today 🙂 What was your first language learning experience? Cartoon Network 😀 I used to … Continue reading Language tag and progress update

Many knows Duolingo and Memrise and use them as language learning websites, me included. However, I'm not so pleased with Memrise because you can hardly find there good courses, most teach you either lots of vocabulary or lots of grammar and it's up to you to make sentences. After all, we don't speak in grammar … Continue reading and progress update