and progress update

Many knows Duolingo and Memrise and use them as language learning websites, me included. However, I’m not so pleased with Memrise because you can hardly find there good courses, most teach you either lots of vocabulary or lots of grammar and it’s up to you to make sentences. After all, we don’t speak in grammar forms or words, we speak in sentences. Duolingo, on the other hand, doesn’t teach you a lot of vocabulary. So it’s better to use these sites together. I saw some polyglots hoping that duolingo offers Icelandic course. That would be nice though I’d like them to have Finnish. is a language learning platform similar to duolingo I discovered last week. It offers to teach Japanese, Korean, Chinese(soon) and some other languages. I joined the Korean course and here’s few screenshots of how it looks like.

linguti koreanlinguti korean 1linguti korean 2

And my progress so far. I didn’t finish Midterm review at the first time because I ran out of hearts. I think one mistake was one heart. And one of my mistakes was dumb: I typed Korean where I had to type English translation.

I wish had some kind of placement test like duolingo has, then maybe I could join Japanese course because I don’t feel like starting it from basics. But I’m definitely looking forward to the Chinese one.

And here’s my current progress on duolingo with my languages.

duolingo lovels


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