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I saw a few tags on my reader (that were interesting to read) and I was also tagged to do it. Thanks, Kaito Monogatari for tagging.

What would you consider your native language?

Lithuanian. And it’s also Independence Day in Lithuania today 🙂

What was your first language learning experience?

Cartoon Network 😀 I used to love Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Dexter’s Laboratory, Edd, Ed n Eddy(?) and Kids Next Door. I think I saw all of the series and rewatched many. I was watching it from a young age and stopped sometime around Middle school age. It was my first English language experience and I learnt the language in that children way of learning without realizing I was learning a language.

What languages have you studied and why did you learn them?

There’s a lot.

English – first foreign language in schools. I never had too many problems with it (except for tenses) and often helped others.

German – Second foreign language in school. I had it for few years  and gave up on it for last two years. I wish I paid more attention to it. Anyway, I started to like it recently and now I’m learning it.

French – Between German, French and Russian as second foreign language I chose German but somehow I was curious about French as well. So I joined language course after lessons, but my shy self quit soon.. Now it’s one of my hardest languages I’m learning.

Japanese – started learning it 9 or 10 years ago, I think. How time flies. It’s my first self-taught language, but I didn’t use these years as good as I could have so my skills are at Intermediate level.

Latin – it wasn’t taught in school by the time I reached older classes but I had it in University and after a compulsory semester chose to study it for another three semesters.

Finnish – had classes in University for one semester. Now also one of my hardest languages.

Swedish – one semester in University. I became more keen on it recently.

Spanish – one of my easiest languages.

Chinese – two years in University that were a lot of fun. It also helped with my overal semester marks 😀

Korean – seems easy because of their writing system, but not the easiest one to learn, at least for me.

How does your personality affect your language learning?

I prefer self-studying, but I also did well in small groups or alone with a teacher.

Do you prefer learning a language in a class or on your own?

Overall, I think I’m better at learning on my own.

What are your favourite language learning materials?

Tectbooks or materials that use textbook structure. I like it when material is composed into lessons and teaches in subjects, so it’s not overwhelming. I also like learning by listening to music and learning the lyrics, or reading texts.

How much time do you learn a language per day?

Sometimes it’s nothing for few days, next time it’s few hours switching between few languages. Or one language few hours in one day.

What are your short-term and long-term language goals?

I don’t have any short-term goals now. Long-term goal is to reach comfortable language usage skills in each language.

What is your favourite language?

That must be Japanese.

What is the next language you want to learn?

Another few that are interesting: Danish, Norwegian, Saami languages, Faroese, Icelandic, Grenlandic, Inuktitut, Alaskan languages (first, to figure out exact number and if Greenlandic and Inuktitut aren’t the same language).

What advice could you give new language learners?

Find your best language learning materials and methods and build your learning habits.
If you find yourself interested in more languages, don’t deny it to yourself ;D

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7 thoughts on “Language tag

  1. Haha! I haven’t posted for so long, this tag will make me post again. 😀 ありがとうね!^^

  2. ..and OMG. We have the same first learning experience. Old Cartoon Network is the best! ❤

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