Website to learn Spanish

This week I was cleaning my email mailbox. I keep it organised with only useful emails, but there are still some remaining that were sent by polyglot Benny with language resources. In one of them I found this website that offers free online Spanish courses – Instremia. It had three courses and I joined the one that said to be most popular. They teach language through music videos. I clicked on first task and the song started playing. There was a video and the lyrics below it. The task is to fill in missing words in each line. If you don’t choose the correct word while the line in the song is performed the song stops. When you choose the correct word it continues to next line. When you make mistakes you lose points but can use them to continue. Or decide to quit. I always used up my points but I wanted to do it until the end.

It’s quick and you need to react fast. Their method isn’t exactly teaching you words because everything happens so quick but it trains your hearing and you will slowly memorize the words you hear. I found it challenging and fun.

I practiced only the listening, there’s also reading and writing tasks that also use the same video. I will write about my experience when I complete these tasks. I only guess that next levels will continue to be more challenging but have the similar method of learning.


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