Grammar and Update


I own a few grammar books and they mostly lay around. Learning from them alone  – a method that didn’t last.

I’m sure by now I don’t like grammar at all and find it hard to study. Every time I start reading grammar rules they pass through my eyes without staying on my mind. I feel so unmotivated to do that.

I have started this sooner – using grammar books together with other books.


I own one good textbook for Japanese and one for Korean. I like their teaching methods (though I think Ewha is better there) and when I study  grammar pattern(s) introduced in the lesson I look through the grammar books for the same pattern explanation.


For example, today I came across grammar point ことは~が that I didn’t understand so I looked it up in どんなとき、まとめ and 新完全 and found it in two of them. どんなとき has great explanations and I usually take notes for grammar from it. I read the explanation and finally understood it, while the explanation on IATJ was not making it clear enough. Then I picked few samples from all of these books. When I write those sentences I only write down in Japanese and avoid the translation. At this level I try to use English as less as possible.

Some other updates comes from last week.

I spent some time studying with Ewha, Korean.


Grammar point and exercise to strenghten the memory.

Used Deutsche Welle lessons and Germanpod pdf, German.


At the moment of writing listening to polyglot Luca speaking about learning few languages at the same time. I’m awfully impatient but he stresses to not be haste. I like the idea of learning a max of two languages at the same time and they have to be different from each other and one of them should be hard and one should be easy. But he also mentioned that picking up more languages is good when you have a good background in, say, first two, and I’m currently conflicted about it because of my skills in some of them. This will be a thought to ponder over and decide of what should I do next.

I hope everyone doing good at their language studies and have a nice day/night~


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