Finally writing a post

It’s probably one week since last one. I’m so slow at this.

I ended my last post with a new thought on my mind and I quickly decided what to do. In another few days I felt that I made a good decision.

So, if I can pick up new languages after having a descent knowledge in previous ones then it’s obvious that I don’t have to put Japanese away, it’s my strongest language (That I’m learning). Then I thought that I can’t put Chinese away either because I had it for two years and everything was going so well. So I can’t go back or stand at spot, I should move on with it. Then it was harder.

To learn one hard and one easy language but that they would be different one from another? My hard languages: French, Korean, Finnish. Easy languages: Spanish, Swedish, German.

Finally I decided that my “easy” language will be German because I already feel most familiar with it out of the three and feel sure I could learn it well quickly. And the “hard” language – Korean, because I already have few books I started. Logic choice.

After that I should have French and Swedish and Finnish and Spanish – hard and easy and different. That’s decided. See, I still managed to continue studying more than two languages 😀 I can still listen to music in other languages like Swedish.

Today I downloaded enough podcasts in Japanese, Chinese, Korean and German to listen everywhere I go. I couldn’t study during the weekend because I spent the most time in Fair.

Last week I also went to Japan Embassy and picked up three books.

Astrid Lindgren’s book is entirely in Japanese but not a lot of kanji because it’s childrens’ book. Night Train to the Stars is bilingual but I ignore the English part. It has more kanji and most of them with furigana. Book about Daily life and Society could also be considered as bilingual. It has a lot of pictures, little bits of text in both English and Japanese. And it had some interesting information about daily life in Japan.

That’s my Japanese reading material + aviation magazine. I also have a book about aviation in German and one Korean paper but it’s too hard for me. I should be fine with texts provided in Ewha and Yonsei reading.

Today watched GTO drama first episode on Crunchyroll with German subs.

I guess that’s all I wanted to say for now. I will try to update more often.


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