Language podcasts

This is the listening material I download for Japanese, Chinese, German and Korean. I use Android but installed itunes to download German audio trainer files.


  • I downloaded most audio with transcripts from Japanesepod101. There seems to be some on iTunes as well.
  • Japanese Classical Literature at Bedtime on WordPress with audio and transcripts and on iTunes. A lot of audio files.
  • I like this radio podcast Voice of Tokyo FM. Sadly, last update two years ago.


  • Radio D – it’s a collaboration between Deutsche Welle and Goethe Institut, two German language learning websites I use, so the show can be found on both pages as well as iTunes: 1,2
  • Audiotrainer from Deutsche Welle. On their website you can get the script and what I like about this trainer is that you have to write down some sentences yourself so you practice your listening. I often had to look up the dictionary how to write some words or if I didn’t hear it clearly but tried to find the word either way. The audio is on iTunes.


  • This isn’t much but some listening practice is better than nothing. Probably need to join the website for more, like Japanese pod.  iTunes


  • Slow Chinese has a lot of audio files with transcripts. The only podcast I know and like. Website, iTunes.

Hope someone finds this useful and I would be grateful for any suggestions! ^^


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