Catching up on J-dramas

I stopped watching anime and both Japanese and Korean dramas for some months but in spring I tend to pick up watching again. Already fell behind the shows I was watching, but now I start something new as well. This week I watched a lot already.

Two movies:


Started watching anime long long time ago but didn’t finish yet. Maybe one day.


Based on real geisha’s Iwasaki Mineko story. And Inoue Mao from Hana Yori Dango played the main role. Sometimes Tsukushi’s way of speaking and character would break through. The best part – characters spoke in Kyoto dialect and it was a delight to hear all the おおきに and -へん.

Started two doramas:

GTO Great Teacher Onizuka


This anime is also on my to-watch list for a long time. Decided to watch it for fun because I don’t feel like starting something darker or serious.


A food dorama with short episodes. It seems to be based on manga. This is too dangerous to watch while hungry or at least without food. But I like learning about new dishes and what matches with them, it might be useful. What’s best, they give info about the featured restaurants in the end of the show. A good advertisement for restaurants and tourists for good places to eat delicious food in Tokyo.


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