Motivation,come back

I am alive, yay.

It’s been a long time and I never wrote posts I had in my head. I even took pictures for them but I was lazy or tired or something else and my language learning was taking less and less time and I honestly don’t remember when was the last time I seriously studied. My motivation is also gone, how can I bring it back? I looked through the reader of posts written by other language learners and usually reading that makes me motivated to study as well. I hope this helps again.

Life has been a lot like a rollercoaster: I had plans, then they were gone after a breakup, so now I can make new plans. I have a friend (he is still a friend as far as I know ^^) from Spain who would like to teach me Spanish and want me to teach him Lithuanian. It’s nice to meet someone learning languages.

There’s always tomorrow, I hope my motivation will be back already.


2 thoughts on “Motivation,come back

  1. In my epic-length studies of Japanese I’ve had periods of time where I was burnt out for weeks, or maybe months, and almost completely stopped. But eventually I remembered that studying was really fun for me, and in the long term more fulfilling than many of my other hobbies.

    I don’t remember why you were studying foreign languages, but hopefully you can find a language, and study method, such that you really enjoy it enough to automatically gravitate to it back after a hiatus.

    One you integrate your other hobbies (like novel reading) into another language, than its even easier to maintain in the long run.

  2. Hope u get ur motivation back! When you really like it, it just goes back anyway. 🙂 元気出してね!

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