I guess I’m having fun

Hello dear language learners,

since getting a new phone a lot of things became available for me. I have enough memory for all the apps, lots of music and plenty of pictures I take, unlike in my previous phone. And I use it all well. For language learning I have a few apps but my most used are two: Duolingo and Chinese Skill. I went from Android to Apple and no regrets, in fact I’m so happy that you can download apps through itunes on computer without using phone data unlike with Google Play Store that I can’t believe I hadn’t known this before. Bye bye Samsung.

I am addicted to Duolingo. There. The app is so easy to use and I can practice my languages daily. Did you know that Korean is going to be released soon? I signed up for email list to inform me when it will be out.

This is also linked to my language “project” I did last year, The Nordic Languages Project, when I tried some Icelandic out of curiosity and grabbed some bits. I have forgotten all about this thing and only remembered when I started learning Norwegian on Duolingo. So I thought why not continuing. And then I started Danish too..Yes, learning Swedish, Norwegian and Danish at the same time is confusing, and while Swedish and Norwegian have more similar words, Danish is a bit easier to separate from them. I wish they offered Finnish course though..

Chinese Skill app is similar to Duolingo in the format of lessons, just more cuter. They have two more apps that I would like to try out.

Now I feel bad for not doing anything to practice and learn Japanese (I could tell I haven’t practised for long when I realised I typed in Japanese with spaces between words.). And not doing anything about Korean and Finnish.

This situation will change as I will have less time and so far I’ll stick with apps and use textbooks or something else if I feel like doing that.

Here are some funny and confusing things from Duolingo in screenshots.

As if I will believe that.
you’re not even allowed to drink!
So Excuse moi is a translation for Pardon me? ok..


Pardon translates to Pardon? I give up on French.

Good luck in language learning journeys.


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