Ich bin eine Banane

Hello language learners, the autumn is in full gloom. Yesterday the frost and fog lasted for most part of the day and the wind is freezing. One can only sit inside and find motivation to study languages.

I’ve been studying languages a lot while being bored at work. I’m not skipping work for something more fun because there’s really not much to do in the shop at this time of the year. Therefore, learning is a useful way to spend time. It was mostly duolingo but one day I brought a Swedish workbook and learnt some grammar. I can see how my vocabulary is poor. I don’t want to memorise single words but I can’t study with textbooks often. I’m having another Swedish fever and the language and the country are more important now. I tend to focus on one language more at a time even if I study several of them. And my learning is all over the place.

Things I’m telling to myself now are:

  • Brushing up on Japanese and Chinese
  • More vocabulary in Swedish and German

Some fun stuff. I found two used Stieg Larsson’s books that I thought were in Swedish and I was trying to read it but I had a feeling something is wrong and I realised I see letter ø and I looked at the front and, yeap, it’s in Norwegian. That’s also good because I’m learning that language as well. 

Other fun stuf, from duolingo. 

Wishing everyone good language studies.


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