Afternoon study

I want to write a proper language study update like I used to. Whe thinking about stuff I came to think of how I would introduce myself in my strongest target languages and at the same time I wanted to check how well can I think in those languages(because that helps to learn) and this all lead to studying motivation. I read a few pages in Japanese on an app that allows you to read some books (I might write about my experience if I continue to use it). Then I opened Duolingo and was greeted by a new update, sort of a chat system that allows you to chat with a bot. 

It looks like facebook messenger. I liked it because it lets you feel like you’re talking to someone in some topic. Only here you get full translations and help how to respond. If you answer by yourself you get points. As you can see, I needed some help and didn’t earn full bars. I wonder how many additional “chats” are there and I hope they will add this to all languages. Previously they added additional skills (idioms & flirting), but they are only available on older language courses like German, French and Spanish, while Swedish, Norwegian or Danish don’t have these yet. Duolingo is going a good way introducing new features with wider variety of lessons and I absolutely enjoy using it.

This and are so far my fave learning platforms.

After Duolingo I picked up my Ewha textbook. Funny how I still study with same few books for long time and make little progress. And when I pick them up I spend some time going through pages and topics I already did to revise. I think I finally understand the importance of revision and repetition xD. After the revision I read new dialogue and translated words/phrases.

That was enough for a session. I thought that if I stop at a right time and take a break I will want to study more later.

Today I still plan to listen to radio or watch some tv in few languages. I just really want to hear spoken foreign languages.

Bis zum nächsten Mal!


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