It’s been a while

Hello, really a long time passed since I last made a post. Simple, I felt lazy all that time and couldn’t bring myself to study. I think I started lazying on duolingo at the end of last year as well. So now that I’m making a post it means, yes, I was actually studying. I bother myself with thoughts that I should do it but it’s more of an unplanned situation. I asked my Finnish penpal if she had any children’s books and she did send me one she used to learn English, but I can use the other way.

And what do you know? I honestly wanted to sit down and make my brain work and I could feel that language learning passion. It’s there, I just don’t know how to reach it and bring it back. 

I started taking these little notes when I realised I don’t understand how plural form is made in Finnish. So I looked it up. I am still at the begining stages of this language so it seems fun, if that’s the right word, having to discover so much new. I tried to imagine myself understanding Finnish. I am sure that will be exciting because I still think that this language is difficult. And then I remember that Tolkien was fascinated by it so I look at it with different eyes and it looks kind of magical.

I think this is all thanks to my good mood today. I hope it keeps up, especially after I go on a trip to Malmö and Copenhagen. Going to hear and see two more of my languages and I am especially excited for Swedish.

What else, I borrowed a Chinese reader but I think the level is too high for me and unless I can look up characters easily (my Pleco doesn’t offer character look up by drawing??) I will put it down. Two Japanese books for Elementary school students (yay~) and one novel but rather easy.


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