Almantina, Lithuanian student who wishes to become a polyglot. I self study most of my languages.

And now this page needs to be updated 😀

Before 2015 I had been learning Japanese for the longest time, not even sure the exact year I started learning  hiragana and katakana. And I had been learning Chinese for a while with a teacher, probably until the end of May, 2015.

I am native in Lithuanian and I joke by saying that English is my second native because I learnt it even before starting school, by watching English cartoons all the time. I never put effort in these two languages 😀 But my love for languages didn’t start in school. If it had, I would had learnt German, but I actually barely passed it. Some regrets now, but I enjoy self-studying it more.

I was learning Latin for two years in university with the best teacher ever.

I had a semester in both Finnish and Swedish(more like Swedish culture).

I started learning Korean 2014 04 29(and created blog that day so it’s hard to forget the date xD).

In the beginning of 2015 I started learning French and Spanish, instead of saying ‘some day’, and became serious in Swedish and Finnish. And even more interested in German after coming back from a trip to Germany.

So that’s how I came to learning all of these languages at the same time.


19 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m also learning Chinese, Korean & Japanese. Madness. But so much fun. Looking through all your resources. It’s great to find recommends on apps and books.

    1. But it’s fun when you find similarities between these languages and it’s helpful 🙂
      Thanks, I plan to write about other material I use. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find Chinese studying materials, while I learn with a teacher it’s ok, but I can’t do any study by myself.

      1. I live in Vilnius, half in village near Birštonas ^^ I see. If you come to Vilnius, let me know. We could meet up.

      2. This is actually a very cool idea 🙂 I will let you know when I will be in Lithuania. But you will have to excuse my poor Lithuanian speaking skills T.T (well they are not that bad lol )

  2. I’ve read some of your post, and I’m actually inspired. Here I am, just learning Japanese and you’re learning so many simultaneously! I love other languages too, I tried learning Mandarin + Japanese at the same time but, it just got me so confused by readings. Haha! anyway, nice blog! Good luck to your studies, you’re a great example for language learners! 😀 JS

    1. Thanks, you’re very kind. I’m probably a better sample of how not to do because I still make a lot of mistakes in learning :’D
      Japanese and Chinese are quite different, only characters are sometimes the same which makes it easier to learn both languages. You should try learning both, that’s quite fun 🙂

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