Days #38-#42

Feeling a rather guilty while typing this post because I haven't been studying as seriously as the first 40 days. I'm actually in a book reading mood now and on Tuesday I brought some interesting novels from the library and at the same day I started reading amazing fan fiction. Do you know the feeling … Continue reading Days #38-#42


Days #31-#37

Haven't written about my progress for a week. This post is going to be a mess of languages. Two days ago I had the "I don't want to do anything" mood again. Maybe the heat is guilty? So I put the textbooks aside but played a bit with the apps. Japanese Finally tried conjugation app. Because … Continue reading Days #31-#37

Days #25-#27

JapaneseI finished the chapter but I need more kanji practice, I have memorized very few kanji so far. Most new words are related to 留学 in Japan. I have learnt some new cultural notes.KoreanI wrote 11 sentences for each of 10 new grammar points I studied since last "review" and 6 of 11 sentences were … Continue reading Days #25-#27

Days #21-#24

It seems that I spent the most time studying Korean and I studied quite a few grammatical points. Today most of the day was spent drinking tea and studying Korean while I spent only around an hour for Japanese. It's about time to practice what I learnt by writing sentences in Korean. And write that … Continue reading Days #21-#24

Days #19 and #20

It has been only 20 days of my 80 days of daily Japanese and Korean studying and I see that I won't finish all 80 days this summer. I think that heat has to do something with feeling lazy. Today was a hot day after a long while and I started feeling bored of what … Continue reading Days #19 and #20

Days #16, #17, #18

Yesterday I posted my sentences in Japanese and Korean on lang-8 and received corrections. Every Korean sentence was corrected(I'm thankful for that) while Japanese was less, which means I still have what to improve. Now I can post those sentences here. 1.어제 한국어를 공부했어요. 2.저는 한국어를 독학하고 있어요. 3.어제는 날씨가 좋았어요.그렇지만 오늘은 추워요. 4.12년간 학교에서 … Continue reading Days #16, #17, #18