An update

I spent biggest part of the month studying four of my target languages: Korean, Japanese, German and Chinese. For the remaining days I still can work on improving others. Finally I spent more time learning Korean: with TTMIK lessons and pdf book file. In this month I did a fair share of studying with both digital … Continue reading An update


Good start of new month

In the morning I studied Korean. I wrote down Korean sentence endings from Kirsten's blog and some sentence fillers with examples from Using Korean textbook. In the evening I took a German level check test on DW and the results are almost April fool-ish. I was expecting less than 50% 😀 After that I subscribed … Continue reading Good start of new month

Summing up March

私は、3つの理由で、全てのゴールに達することができませんでした。私は試験勉強をしなければならなく、卒業論文と重要なエッセイを書かなければなりませんでした。言語を学ぶことは楽しいです。しかし、私はそれができないことを悲しく思ったので、4月にもっと多くの時間がとれますように。 March is over and I'm summing up my language progress as well as planning April. Out of curiosity I counted time while studying each language and this is my month in one screenshot 😀 Chinese classes aren't counted but they would make Chinese the language I spent most time studying. In self-studying, Japanese and … Continue reading Summing up March

March plans

I had nothing worth sharing from last week in my progress with any of languages. Instead, I made a plan for studying in my birthday month, March. It includes most of my owned and even borrowed books. German, French, Spanish, Swedish, Finnish: conjugation of each language. Chinese: half of the chapters (5) from Scenario Chinese … Continue reading March plans

Weekly update #4

Yesterday I was so much into finishing my reports I forgot it was time to look back at my language learning during the week. I was learning a lot of vocabulary for each language. We finished the chapter in Chinese classes and starting new one this week. I also had some listening in Japanese and … Continue reading Weekly update #4

Weekly update #3

Typing this while listening to new One OK Rock album. And here's my week in language learning: 1. German. Still studying intensively. Finished(sadly) the lesson with 305 words but joined another few and my majority of lessons on memrise are for German. I borrowed some books from library so I have German reading material to … Continue reading Weekly update #3

Weekly update #2

Writing numbers will be easier than thinking of a title every time. I should have written (latest) last night but my internet had other thoughts. So this is my week in language learning. German I learnt 270/305 words in the basic German course on memrise. I will finish it really soon and move on to … Continue reading Weekly update #2