Finally writing a post

It's probably one week since last one. I'm so slow at this. I ended my last post with a new thought on my mind and I quickly decided what to do. In another few days I felt that I made a good decision. So, if I can pick up new languages after having a descent … Continue reading Finally writing a post


Japanese immersion day

It was a fun day using Japanese and learning from the morning. I started with random tweets in Japanese feeling sleepy and bored and cold in the library after waking up early for nothing. I was waiting for decent time to go to the Japan embassy because I thought it works only from 10:00. I … Continue reading Japanese immersion day

[Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語

I haven't finished the book, I am at the beginning actually(hadn't had enough time), but I read few chapters and tried to do the tasks in my head. I figured out the book enough to write my opinion. I'm not calling it review because I can't write reviews 😀 Post under cut. 1.Inside the book. … Continue reading [Japanese textbook]テーマ別中級から学ぶ日本語


Half of January is gone and I haven't studied much. When I received Yonsei reading book I did the first easiest chapters that were basically learning how to pronounce some easy and some hard words. And then I finished one lesson that included actual reading and tasks. That was all. No progress with other languages … Continue reading nameless

My reading material

I've been wanting to share my few Japanese books and magazines I own and last week I visited Japan Embassy where I borrowed few more books so now the post will be even longer. First of all, my first Japanese novel I received from a Japanese pal. It's 1リットルの涙 or 1 Litre of Tears, Kito … Continue reading My reading material