Grammar and Update

I own a few grammar books and they mostly lay around. Learning from them alone  - a method that didn't last. I'm sure by now I don't like grammar at all and find it hard to study. Every time I start reading grammar rules they pass through my eyes without staying on my mind. I … Continue reading Grammar and Update


Japanese for busy people III

It's been a while since I went to the Japan Embassy. I brought two novels, two volumes of One Piece manga in Japanese and two language books. This time it's Japanese for busy people III Revised Edition textbook and workbook. It seems like these are two different books. The contents of the textbook is below. … Continue reading Japanese for busy people III

Days #6 – #12 (Failure is the basis for success)

I haven't updated my progress for a while, but good news that I now have my Integrated approach to intermediate Japanese and I can work with it.I haven't finished first lesson yet, there's a lot to do. There are three dialogues on the same topic, reading passage, 14 grammar points, some language tips, a listening … Continue reading Days #6 – #12 (Failure is the basis for success)