Chinese numbers are 很难 glorious day for language studies. I love it when in Chinese classes we do exercises by ourselves. Teacher writes them by hand for us. So why Chinese numbers are very hard, as title says. Some samples of how to read the ones I had in exercise: 256 - two hundred fifty six 407 - … Continue reading Chinese numbers are 很难


Chinese classes re-started

It's my third week back in uni and this week Chinese classes started again. Out of our old group of four members only two of us remain. My friend graduated and the other guy is too busy. We started the class from reviewing 10 lessons we learnt in last semester and (what do you know) … Continue reading Chinese classes re-started

Days #31-#37

Haven't written about my progress for a week. This post is going to be a mess of languages. Two days ago I had the "I don't want to do anything" mood again. Maybe the heat is guilty? So I put the textbooks aside but played a bit with the apps. Japanese Finally tried conjugation app. Because … Continue reading Days #31-#37