How to say…

Quick post about a web page I discovered. I was using phone when looking for a phrase in Japanese on google and the first post that came up was from Mr How To Say. Now I looked at it more carefully and I found that I can get translations in almost all of my target languages … Continue reading How to say…


Late updates

I was planning to make a post on Thursday, then on Monday and now it's Tuesday and I will write it even if I'm slow. I thought I could keep up weekly reports and make myself organised. Lately I'm studying so much: for uni classes and all languages I want to learn. Almost all, because … Continue reading Late updates

Reading blog in Japanese

I have suggested it in one comment reply so I should put it on blog too. So far the best blog for readers of every level I found. You can pick from few languages on the top right bar and if you choose やさしい日本語 you will see blog posts written in Japanese and all the … Continue reading Reading blog in Japanese

Japanese for busy people III

It's been a while since I went to the Japan Embassy. I brought two novels, two volumes of One Piece manga in Japanese and two language books. This time it's Japanese for busy people III Revised Edition textbook and workbook. It seems like these are two different books. The contents of the textbook is below. … Continue reading Japanese for busy people III

Learning Japanese with MLC free materials

[This is a scheduled post]I haven't seen any Japanese learners talking about it but when I discovered it I was really happy because it was exactly what I was looking for - free printables. I'm the person who prefers paper to digital materials when reading/studying.MLC is a Japanese Language school based in Tokyo. They offer … Continue reading Learning Japanese with MLC free materials

Days #31-#37

Haven't written about my progress for a week. This post is going to be a mess of languages. Two days ago I had the "I don't want to do anything" mood again. Maybe the heat is guilty? So I put the textbooks aside but played a bit with the apps. Japanese Finally tried conjugation app. Because … Continue reading Days #31-#37

13 Kanji Japanese misread?

Thanks to my new Japanese app I accidentally came across this page of 13 Kanji Japanese misread with their true reading and this turned out to be a useful lesson although I can't understand all of it and I will have to translate those Kanji, but I'm going to write it down and learn. The app … Continue reading 13 Kanji Japanese misread?